W.D. Neely

Two Cheers For Moderation

Two Cheers For Moderation

Two cheers for the level-headed
Who make the world go ’round
Please keep your voices down
Restrain your celebration

So much for the revolution
Long live the tried and true
One day it comes to you
A blinding revelation:
Two cheers for moderation!

So calm, so cool
So understated
Let reason rule –
Well modulated

So much for the best intentions
So much for the higher ground
Show up and settle down:
Your only true salvation

Let us not swerve
Let us not wither
They also serve
Who stand and dither

Lights out on the Grand Illusion
This is your brave new world!
Please keep those banners furled
Maintain your concentration
Two cheers for moderation!

Hip-hip hooray!
Hip-hip hooray!