Two New Releases from Neely Emmert Bly, Just In Time For Midterms

This summer, NEELY EMMERT BLY have been musically collaborating with our close friend and unindicted co-conspirator Curmudgeon Boy (a/k/a DOUG MILES), recording new material in a secure and undisclosed location.

First up:Resistance.”  (We’re in a rush to get this one out to you; you’ll see why.) It’s a good-old-fashioned protest song, based on the sneaking suspicion that there might currently be some call for this sort of thing.

Seated at the controls of his very own Digital Audio Etch-a-Sketch, Curmudgeon Boy designed the track and played all the instruments on “Resistance.” While this was taking place, Neely Emmert Bly contributed vocal-like sounds at the agreed-upon intervals.

Curmudgeon Boy also created a video to celebrate those people who’ve taken to the streets, with passion and style and wit, to withstand the nastiness building up against us. It’s posted here as well as on YouTube.

We’ve got a right to fight, for ourselves and the ones who come next, for the kind of country we want to live in — and the window is closing. So: no excuses for sitting this out. Get to the polls and vote — then stay engaged!



Rubicon” is our second release, a meditation on the foolishness of trying to dodge destiny. It’s about playing the long game, and not losing perspective, or our cool, in the midst of outrage — because fate will have the last word.  Some comfort in that — but sometimes fate can use a hand, you know? (See first song.)

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  1. Heard you guys fled the sinking ship. What are your new emails so that I can vicariously enjoy the comforts of socialism and properly-temperatured beer?

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