W.D. Neely

Happy In Bananaland

Happy In Bananaland

No phones, no appointments, no
Game plans with hidden agendas
No lists, crushing schedules, no
White guys in yellow suspenders
Tell them not to wait for me
Where I am is where I’ll be
I am happy in Bananaland

Two weeks can’t make up for a
Whole year of dangerous felons
No one’s indispensable
Just taste these succulent melons!
Send me down my final check
Tell them all to go to heck
My address is now Bananaland

The aggravation, the traffic, the noise –
Horns blaring, sirens screaming!

I don’t need it, you don’t need it –
Don’t know no one that needs it –
Who needs it?
Not to mention condescension,
All the pressure, stress and tension –
Who needs it?

I know they’ll be mad at me
That’s OK, I know they’re jealous
Señor, bring a couple more
Big drinks with little umbrellas
Let them think the less of me
I have found my destiny
I am staying in Bananaland

Yes, I like this very much
Out of sight and out of touch
I am happy in Bananaland
I am staying in Bananaland.