W.D. Neely

Mere Mortals

Mere Mortals

On Mount Olympus’ lofty height
The gods have booked a satellite
A teleconference is taking place
Has to do with the human race

And they said, “Look at these mere mortals
The return is so small
If they can’t make their numbers
Oughta shitcan ’em all . . . .”

[Greek chorus:]
Let’s just let ’em go, just let ’em go
Let’s just let ’em go, let’s go — just let ’em [etc.]

Now you do not exaggerate
What these figures indicate
Before our margins disappear
Might be time to re-engineer

When you look at these mere mortals
They never mean any harm
It’s the heart of their darkness
It’s part of their charm

And besides, when they are gone
Who’ll be left to carry on?
To bow & scrape & never shirk
From doin’ our daily dirty work

[Greek chorus:]
Do not let ’em go, no no do not
Do not let ’em go, do not — don’t let ’em [etc.]
No no, do not
No no, do not
No no —
Not . . . yet.