W.D. Neely

Skeptic’s Lullaby

Skeptic’s Lullaby

The road to Hell and dark despair
Is a heav’ly travelled thoroughfare
In sorry state of disrepair
Dubito ergo sum.

But even so, I would not care
To tread on Heaven’s golden stair
If Jerry Falwell’s waiting there
Dubito ergo sum.

Gods will come, and gods will go
Kingdoms rise and fall
Doubt outlives them all
It holds the world in thrall

Though all that glitters is not gold
Our doubts return a thousandfold
And we will not be oversold
Dubito ergo sum.

Dubito, Dubito, Dubito, Dubito,
Dubito, Dubito,
Dubito ergo sum.

Courage falters, vision fades
Resolution fails
Doubt alone prevails
Except in fairy tales

So close your eyes and go to sleep
And rest assured, life is cheap
The road is long, the climb is steep
Dubito ergo sum.

The moon is cheese, the earth is flat
Your god’s a hapless bureaucrat
So let’s just let it go at that
Dubito ergo sum.