Ho-Hum Road

You can keep your city
You can have my share
All that I've got coming
Really I don't care
Cuz I have got a case of 
Urban Overload — 
I'm goin' home to Ho-Hum Road.

I must be a moron
To have stayed away so long
Why should I be punished
When I ain't done nothin' wrong
I simply can't get used to
Life in a commode
I'm goin' home to Ho-Hum Road.

To hear the wounded elephant
To feel the crayfish crawl
To see the western sky again
Or any sky at all!

Boring, boring, boring
That's OK with me
Glory, glory, glory
I'll be snoring peacefully
Cuz I don't wanna be here
To see the place explode
I'll be safe on Ho-Hum Road.

O to live on Ho-Hum Road
Sweetest life I ever knowed
No one there would hurt a toad
I'm goin' home to Ho-Hum Road
I'm goin' home to Ho-Hum Road.

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