Maybe I Lied

Maybe I said Yes, 
I couldn't care less:
Maybe I lied. 
What if I meant No? 
That would be low! 
Maybe I lied. 
How're you gonna prove it? 
Who are you tryin' to kid? 
What are you gonna do to me if I did? 

Call it heads or tails, 
if all else fails, 
you can decide. 
Could be either/or – 
nothing's for sure – 
maybe I lied. 
Maybe you were mistaken. 
Maybe you heard me wrong. 
Maybe you're just a fool that got strung along! 

[kazoo break]

Have it your own way – 
what can I say? 
Maybe I tried. 
Even if it's true, 
what's it to you? 
Maybe I lied. 
After the heartache's over, 
after the hurt's all gone, 
Who's gonna swear to anything that went on?

1 thought on “Maybe I Lied

  1. Jerry schwartz

    Am finally catching up and dipping into your wonderful brainy, wry, wise and devilish commentaries on
    life. A great outlet for frustrated brain cells in an hypocritical society.
    Thanks Liz and Bill . . . may the force continue !


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