All songs © W.D. Neely

Billions of Brain Cells Ago.  A song on the topic of attrition.  Good thing someone managed to write it down at the time.   DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Cheney’s Arrival.  Dick’s first day at his new job.  Expectations are high.   WATCH THE VIDEO  / DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY                                         

Dance of the Knee-Jerk Reactionaries.  A selection from the National Security Council Songbook.  This scorched-earth ditty requires constant updating.   DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Father Abraham.  An anti-draft song set during the Civil War era.  Better late than never.   DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Happy in Bananaland.  An escapist fantasy.  Let them think the less of me; I have found my destiny . . . .  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Ho-Hum Road.  A rural reverie sprung from urban exile in deepest Brooklyn.  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Media Ecology (Nothing Ever Goes Away).  Heads up:  our indiscretions and miscalculations will outlive us, enshrined forever in cyberspace.   WATCH THE VIDEO  /  WATCH THE FAN VIDEO  /  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY                                                                                             

Mere Mortals.  Whom the gods would destroy, they first make expendable.  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

New Beatitudes.  This popular lifestyle applet hasn’t been upgraded since its release millennia ago.  Here’s version 2.0: enhancements and bug fixes.  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

No Harm Done.  A lullaby for our noncommittal (and uncommitted) zeitgeist.  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

No Hurry.  Might as well get used to it:  all God’s children run a little bit late.  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Now Now.  Feeling a bit Götterdämmerung-out.  But things could get worse.  And probably will.  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Pollyanna in Exile.  Biding her time, honing her blade, bringing back the light one day.  Inspired by the great tradition of Scottish and Irish exile songs.   DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

ResistanceA good-old-fashioned protest song, based on the sneaking suspicion that there might currently be some call for this sort of thing.  WATCH THE VIDEO /  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Roughshod.  Memo to the boss:  Old Testament vengeance doesn’t come across so well in today’s marketplace.  Might be time to retrofit your brand.   DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Rubicon.  A meditation on the foolishness of trying to dodge destiny.  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Science & Technology (You Owe Us An Apology).  We realize we have to take the good with the bad, but the ratio seems way out of whack.  And the trend line is not encouraging. DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Skeptic’s Lullaby.  In praise of doubt:  Dubito, ergo sum (I doubt, therefore I am).  Even grown-ups need the occasional lullaby.  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Tedium.  Ennui, musically manifested.  Might be a questionable topic for a song — but never out of fashion.   DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

The Cautionary Tale.  We may profit from others’ instructive calamities, but let’s not forget the entertainment value.   DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

The Here and Now.  The case against deferred gratification.  The Epicureans had it about right — this is all you get, so enjoy the moment.   DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Thru Askin.  A simple, heartfelt plea for a more civil society.   DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Toothache.  Love is like a toothache:  Pearly whites as white as snow, but those gums have got to go.  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

Two Cheers for Moderation.  A few words on the virtues of self-restraint.  But let’s not go overboard.  DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

What Would I Do?  Anticipating the loss of a loved one.   DOWNLOAD AT CD BABY

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