Thanks for stopping by. This site has grown out of a need to round up the songs I’ve written and herd them together in one place.

It’s been a challenge. They are an unruly bunch, given to absent-mindedly wandering off. It might have something to do with the wide range of topics represented and a lack of thematic unity among the different factions.

But to tell the truth, these tunes haven’t always gotten along with each other, and they strongly resist any efforts on my part to impose order. I realize that I have to shoulder the blame for that. I was never much good at imposing discipline and I’m afraid that I’ve spoiled them rotten.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

— W.D. Neely

right where he wants to be

6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Bob Cass says:

    Hola Bill & Liz.. Or Liz & Bill to give equal billing.
    Not quite music related.. But
    Email me if u wanna go to Costa Rica. I have a house and property there now & you’re welcome anytime.

  2. Ruth Kuhns says:

    So happy to be back in touch with you all, please keep us informed of your performances.

  3. How fabulous. I wish I lived closer! Many blessings to you and your work. love, Mary

  4. Doris Woolf says:

    I am looking for Billions of Brain cells beause I feel it is a perfect one to sing at a talent show for old folks at home: a senior citizen residence.
    Memory is leaky. I can’t remembefr where I heard you with Left Field, somewhere out in Ever-Ever -Land.
    It’s hard to remember things I liked/loved which get swished off into space. But somehow or other I remember you and your song. It’s one of the Billion of Brain Cells that I’ve retrieved.

    And forgive me if I ask too much, but piano and/or guitar music for BofBCAgo would be more than helpful.
    Let me know what singer/songwriters receive monetarily,so this is a written order,


  5. David Huband says:

    God, I miss you guys!

  6. Marsha says:

    Bravo for Bill, Bill and Liz!!
    If you need an alto, let me know!! Sounds like fun!

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