Media Ecology (Nothing Ever Goes Away)

Nothing ever goes away
All of this is here to stay
Data galore, easy to store
Piling up more each day!
Nothing ever goes away

Every entry lingers on
A modern-day phenomenon
Every cartoon, trial balloon
Urgent communiqué — 
Nothing ever goes away

You've got your very own database now
Everything all about you
Your curriculum vitae, auctioned on eBay
Could come back to haunt you
That's why you might want to be
Careful what you say
Cuz nothing ever goes away!

Charlie Chan and Charles the Fourth
Kukla, Fran, and Ollie North
Knowing that they're still out there somewhere
Isn't it fair to say?
Nothing ever goes away

Nothing ever, no no never
Ever goes away
Nothing ever goes away

**See a fan video of Media Ecology on YouTube:**

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