Neely Emmert Bly at WPRB

W.D. Neely, Liz Emmert and Bill Bly perform live, spin cuts from their new album, Ballads, Bromides and Broadsides, and enjoy a lively exchange with their WPRB host, the excellent John Weingart, on his legendary Princeton show, Music You Can’t Hear on the Radio.

Photos by Don Riemer.

we live to ooh
Mr. Weingart, genial host
tools of the trade
tuning out back
Neely and Bly
I like my job
trio in the hall
Bly and Emmert
good spirits 'n' whatnot
steely Neely resolve
easy holding pattern
What Would I Do?
chiaroscuro Bly
Liz feeling the lyrics
Weingart on Neely
best of friends
nice one, John
you did not just say that
our baby
we live to ooh


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