NEB at 2nd St. Tavern

Neely Emmert Bly do two sets for an appreciative (and vocally gifted!) audience at the 2nd St. Tavern in Emmaus, PA.

Photos by Doug Miles.

libations for the muse
contemplative, amused, skeptical
starting lineup
hum for your lives
singin man
get a grip
that voice
that can't be right
a fortune in kazoo lessons: payoff
9th fret, really?
funny, he doesn't look like a zombie he does.
not that chord, the other one
total recall
close harmony
and the room goes tilt
big men named Sven
good night all
libations for the muse


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  1. wfammann says:

    They are either getting smarter or their foreheads are growing. Nice to see old friends.

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