About the Site

In searching for a metaphor for this website, I began to think of it as a gallery or a museum. But maybe a better analogy is the gift shop that awaits you at the end of every gallery tour, where you can purchase a memento of your visit and help support the institution.

Feel free to take your time and wander through the exhibits at a leisurely pace. You’ll be able to listen to any song in its entirety, and most tunes will be downloadable if you choose to make a purchase.

I’ll be adding more tunes—old and new—as recordings and other digital artifacts surface. Eventually each song page will include links to lead sheets, chord sheets, vocal charts, alternate recordings, background notes and other items of interest.

Stop back often, and please share with anyone you think might appreciate what’s here. Please feel free to comment and criticize. Your feedback is most welcome.

And if you are interested in licensing any of my songs, please contact me at wdneely@ptd.net.

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