Ballads, Bromides and Broadsides is out!

On March 15th, the new W.D. Neely album, Ballads, Bromides and Broadsides, hit the shelves and the airwaves.  Have a listen to the whole thing right here and now, on the house.  And if you like it, why, just click on these links —  CD Baby and iTunes — and it all can be yours (in download or CD form).   (Then tell your friends. And if you’re so moved, do please leave a comment to let us know what you think.)

Wondering what you might be getting yourself in for with W.D. Neely?  “Cheerful subversive” would put you in the neighborhood.  Under that serene exterior there’s a happy agitator, quietly checking to see if you’re paying attention.  Bringing wit and insight to (to name a few) love, stress, religion, denial, online privacy and income inequality, Neely arms you with humor and the odd unforgettable sound bite to help you face the countless frustrations of “civilized” life.

What fans are saying:

“Randy Newman 2.0.”
“Great album, showing the beautiful quality and range of W.D. Neely’s voice.”
“This guy’s a master of irony.  And the arrangements are amazing.”

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