NEB at the Minstrel

Opening for the brilliant Cliff Eberhard, Neely Emmert Bly had a swell time doing mostly original tunes with a smattering of covers as part of the Minstrel Acoustic Concert Series in Morristown, NJ.

Photos by Don Riemer.

fine tuning    in the green room    warming up    Southern jumbo at rest    settling in    keystrokes    soundcheck    Bill Bly Feels Good    Bly vocals    boys on the bridge    Emmert sings    Neely sings    sir, you astonish me!    strumming    Neely Emmert warmup    Bly chording    counting off    maybe you heard me wrong    Media Ecology    Neely Emmert Bly    yeah, OK, this is fun hmm Bly sings Neely sings some more
fine tuning