Two New Releases, Just In Time For Midterms

This summer, NEELY EMMERT BLY have been musically collaborating with our close friend and unindicted co-conspirator Curmudgeon Boy (a/k/a DOUG MILES), recording tracks in a secure and undisclosed location.

First up: Resistance.”  (We’re in a rush to get this one out to you; you’ll see why.) It’s a good old-fashioned protest song, based on the sneaking suspicion that just now there might be some call for this sort of thing.

Curmudgeon Boy (hereinafter, “CB”) took the production reins on this one, building the track on his very own Digital Audio Etch-a-Sketch and playing all (yes, all) the instruments. The rest of us? We chimed in over his shoulder with throat sounds as required.

CB also created a dandy “Resistance” video. (Yeah, he’s been showing off on this one.) It’s posted here as well as on YouTube, and celebrates the people who’ve taken to the streets, with passion and style and wit, to fight the (seriously bloated and more than a touch overripe) power. We owe it to ourselves, and to the ones who come next, to get a move on. It would be rude of us to leave this mess behind — and the window for cleanup is closing, am I right?

Here endeth the lesson: Let’s get to the polls and exercise our right to influence the type of country we want to live in. Just for starters.

☆      ☆     ☆

Rubicon is our second release. This song is a meditation on fate and the futility of trying to dodge it. History is doing its thing. The pendulum swings eventually, so keep your head down; karma lies waiting in ambush. In short, relax. Fate will have the last word.

(Sounds like the antithesis of the first tune, doesn’t it? But no, friend. It’s about playing the long game. About not losing perspective, or our cool, in the midst of our outrage — about knowing that, IF we give fate a helping hand, all (or more, at least) will once again be well. It’s the potent combo of trusting the universe AND living our principles out loud that makes it come out right. (Or better, anyway. Couldn’t get much worse!))


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