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New Release Dropped March 15th

Ballads, Bromides and Broadsides dropped on March 15th, 2014, and is now available on CD Baby and iTunes! (Please click on the links to the right to buy downloads from iTunes, and downloads or CDs from CD Baby.)

Here’s what radio legend John Weingart (Music You Can’t Hear on the Radio, WPRB) had to say about it:

“This is a wonderful, maybe even important, album. The words are so clever and the music so richly beautiful that the wisdom and social commentary subtly embedded in the 14 songs feel all the more powerful.”

Please pardon our appearance! Website’s undergoing renovation, but you can listen to everything and buy CDs and downloads of the new album right now! So please have a look around and listen to Bill Neely’s impressively prolific song catalog.

And here’s a link to a fan video of one of the new album tracks: Media Ecology. Enjoy!